One Size Fits Nobody

One Size Fits Nobody

August 20, 2015 | Steven L Smith

I want to sell you a pair of jeans. I’ll even give you a good price! Only $3000! They’re a women’s size 10. What’s that, you say? You’re a man, and you wear 46x32? You’re pregnant, and you need a maternity size? You’re in the seventh grade, and you want a junior’s medium? You’re in high finance and you only wear suits? Okay, no worries, my friend! I can tailor these pants for you for a simple added cost… it’s only 10 times the cost of the pants! Oh, and I forgot to tell you… if you want to put anything in your pockets, that’s an extra $500… and you can’t put your cell phone in the pockets at all. But hey, you need pants, so what are your options, really? Do you know how to make them yourself? It’s either buy from me or be naked.

Sounds pretty ridiculous, right? No one would buy jeans from me, except women who wear a size 10… and even they wouldn’t be able to put their phone in their pocket! But this scenario is eerily similar to how a lot of companies sell software, particularly software that helps you run a business.

Large companies, like SAP, Epicor, and Oracle, produce very large, very complicated pieces of software, for other large companies. These Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP software packages, are fully-integrated tools to help businesses run. And, big businesses can afford both the six-figure pricetag, and the six-to-seven-figure deployment cost because this software has a featureset congruent with their needs… even if it is clunky, it “works”, and helps make them successful.

Smaller businesses generally can’t afford this software. If your annual turnover is $500K, you’re not going to spend $100K on software. And, you’re probably not even at a point where you can even use all of the features in that software, either. So, rather than pay up, you scrape by. You use Quickbooks, 17 different Excel spreadsheets, and lots of paper and whiteboards. Most of your day is spent with the “Communication Overhead” of keeping everything up-to-date, because nothing talks to anything else. If you’re really lucky, you can hire developers to build you a custom solution, but in 5-10 years, that server under your desk becomes the part of town that not even the police will enter… at least not unless you pay even more money. Or, you start looking for “ERP for Small Business” or “Small Business Manufacturing Software” on Google… only to find that you’re still paying $30K, plus an annual maintenance fee for something that won’t even keep running without some serious IT infrastructure.

That’s where we come in. Perdix is turning the market on its head, with a simple annual fee, customization options, support, and most importantly, the features you actually need, driven by actual conversations with customers rather than some project manager on a power trip who feels the need to check boxes in a competitive matrix just for the heck of it.

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Steven L Smith
Steven L Smith
Co-Founder and CEO

Steven L Smith is the Co-Founder and CEO of Perdix Software.

With a passion for manufacturing and a drive to seek simple complexity, he travels the world and connects people with the technology and tools they need to build ever better.