Meet Our Interns

July 30, 2021 | Jenna Schlick

Meet Catherine McConnell and Jenna Schlick, both from the SUNY Brockport School of Business — the inaugural interns at Perdix Software!

This video was produced by Jenna Schlick during her internship at Perdix Software.

Jenna Schlick
Jenna Schlick
Marketing Intern

Marketing Intern at Perdix Software, Jenna Schlick is a rising senior at SUNY Brockport pursuing a BS in Business Administration with a minor in marketing. Her previous work includes promotional video projects and web design for Perdix.

Jenna hopes to start her own doggy-daycare in the future and is enjoying the opportunity to work in a small business environment while under the mentorship of a local business owner. In her free time Jenna enjoys cooking, traveling, and taking photos.